ASO (App Store Optimization)

Ozi Technology Group is one of the top notch game developers and pioneers in game industry in United States of America. Ozi Technology has different type of services and one of them is ASO (App store optimization). As Ozi rules the industry, we assure that our client’s mobile games and app are in top 5 ranking by using ASO with high competition. ASO is app store optimization, which is process to optimize mobile game and apps to rank them higher in app store’s search results. As a result, it increases the visibility which translates to gain traffic to our app’s page of app store.

One of ASO goal is to initiate traffic on app’s page in the app store, so searchers will be able to download your app. On other hand, ASO compel to crucially understand your target customers by using the keywords your potential customers will to find your app(s).

We highly advise our customers to use ASO in order to increase their ranking in app store to above others, the amazing reality is that our experts invest in app store optimization as it is a secret weapon to rank your app and have an overall success. Before doing ASO for the app, we Ozi Technology provide these service and follow these following steps for ASO (App Store Optimization):

We will find the right keywords that will be relevant your app, app fun function, and good volume of your app will be downloaded, as a result, half of the ASO is done.

Once we agree with you the keywords that will be used for ASO, next step is to have an attractive Title of the app that will be eye-catching for the audiences. Additionally, the keyword must be used into the title, so you can get a good search volume to create more traffics.

After title is created, next comes App Description, where we will develop creative description of the app. We will write creative description that will be eye catching for the audiences, so they will download the app immediately with no time wasted.

App Screenshot – The screenshot of the application is another gold mine that needs to be exploited. The screenshots of the application will inform the user of the experience as soon as they have installed the application.
App Video Preview it gives an opportunity for the audiences to catch user’s attention to land them on the app detailed page. We will make small video from the game or app to show people how to use it.

Check App rank from the keywords that have been chosen to optimize your app detail page.

Competitor app we will check how and what is our competitor title, description and etc. We will work accordingly make our app rank higher than our competitors.

Once this is done, you can promote your app for downloads and reviews. Here are the steps that we will be using, which are:

In addition to the ASO, you must promote your application to relevant forums, blogs, and technology blogs so that people can familiarize themselves and influence. This would also improve the ranking of your application.
Create social networking sites for your app and try to promote your app on this site and attract more users.

Make a list of your application on popular sites from the list of applications that lead you to other installations.
Try to check your application in your blog. You can opt for cross-promotion if you know someone who owns a blog and you own one. You can do the same in social networking sites.

You can find YouTube users viewing apps on your YouTube channel. You will find your contact details in the section about us.