Social Media Marketing

Ozi Technology Group is pioneer in gaming industry and we are known for developing great games that are unique and unimaginable. We do not only develop games, we promote your games through Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, and etc).

A few years ago, we were able to spontaneously start building a social media marketing strategy. While he was there, he did more than his competitors, right?

Well, we are in 2018 and many of the same logic is not true today. Since 30% of millennial say they identify with a brand on social networks at least once a month, their strategy may not be right. Brands need to fully invest in their social media marketing strategies and focus on engagement. Otherwise, you will lose to real customers, which will have serious consequences for your final account.

A social networking marketing plan is the summary of everything you plan and expect to do in your social networking business. This plan should review the current location of your accounts, the goals you plan to achieve in the near future, and all the tools you want to use.

In general, the more specific your plan is, the more effective the implementation will be. Try to keep it short. Do not make your marketing strategy in social networks so high and far inaccessible. The plan will guide your actions, but it will also be a measure that will determine whether you succeed or fail.

We are not here to scare your brand in the world of social networks. Instead, we want to give your marketing team the right steps for a successful social strategy so your brand stays in the dust.

Ozi Technology Group follow these seven steps to create a profitable social media marketing strategy in 2018:

Step 1:

Create marketing goals on social networks that solve your biggest challenges

The first step in any strategy is to understand what you expect from your efforts. Social media marketing is not about turning on a switch and turning it into a day. Instead, social networking planning should be considered to cook your favorite dish.

Once you have your ingredients, follow a recipe and go! But that is not always the case. What happens if you have guests and need to feed more people? What happens if someone is allergic to any of the ingredients? Suddenly, your goal is to make a meal to make sure it feeds enough people and is edible to all.

That’s why creating goals is so important to the first part of your social media strategy. At the same time, it’s better to set goals that you know are achievable. Ordering 1 million new Instagram followers in 2018 is not realistic. With achievable goals, you are more likely to stick to the original plan and continue to encounter new obstacles as you complete the old ones.

For the same reason, brands should never adopt all kinds of social media channels in their current marketing strategy. Try to choose the channels that are most important to the goals of your brand. Avoid complicating too many strategies with too many goals. Simplicity can take you far.

To examine the goals of social networks in 2018

Goal setting is a fundamental part of all business and marketing strategies. Social networks are no exception. Of course, with a range of social skills, it can be difficult to pinpoint what your goals should be. As a guide here are some common goals of social networks to be considered:

  1. Boost Brand Awareness
  2. Best quality of sales
  3. Driving sales
  4. Increasing ROI
  5. Developing and increasing loyalty fan base
  6. Best impulse in the industry

Step 2:

Examine your audience in social media

About 79% of adults use Facebook, but do they actively interact with their customers through their brand? For example, to understand your audience, you need to know who buys your products, which age group is the hardest to sell, and what level of income the majority of your returning customers are. When it comes to social networking, knowing your audience is so important.

First, your brand needs to analyze the demographics of your most valuable social channels. As mentioned earlier, you must have a goal for your social media marketing strategy. That’s why you need to study the channels that best fit your goals.

Step 3:

Define your most important statistics

While specific social networking measures can be the most important step in a strategy, it is often the furthest point away from the road. Vanity metrics like number of followers and likes are always good to measure, but do they tell you the whole story of your brand on social networks?

We often get involved in subscriber tracking and I love them as the truth of a campaign, but it’s a good idea to take a step back and evaluate the social statistics associated with your overall goals.
Commitment indicators sometimes paint a better picture, because as we have mentioned several times here, building lasting relationships works socially. The general public and the good content are absolutely great, but here are some other things you may want to do in 2018:

  • Reach
  • Clicks
  • Commitment
  • Hashtag
  • Emotion/belief
  • PPC

Step 4:

Look for your competitive social landscape

Before we start creating content (we promise that we’re almost there!), It’s really smart to find your competitors. We put this before the content creation process, because new ways of seeing content are often found by analyzing what makes your competitors successful.

We still believe that you should not steal the ideas of your competitors, but that you must learn from your successes and failures and grow. So, how do you find this information? The first step is to find out who your competitor is. The easiest way to find competitors is to do a simple search on Google.

Step 5:

Create and repair social media content

Has anyone said content? That’s no lie: social media content is extremely important to your marketing strategy. However, it is best to follow the previous steps before planning the content (we catch blog templates!). This allows you to create more effective topics.

For starters, we recommend that you create content that matches your brand identity. This means that you should avoid things that can reach your unpopular demographics without a complete strategy.

It is necessary to find the perfect balance between objective content and too much advertising. In fact, 46% of users say they will stop following a brand if there are too many advertising messages. In addition, 41% of users said they would stop following a brand that contained too much irrelevant content. Ozi Technology does two major parts in social media content which are video content and build content teams.

Step 6:

Interact with your audience and do not ignore them

Social networking channels are built as networks. This means that the main purpose is to provide space for conversation, discussion and content. Your brand can not forget these key elements of the “network” and efforts must be made to ensure that conversations or participation opportunities are not left unattended.
Through social networks, you deserve respect as a brand by being present and talking to your audience. That’s why social customer service is so important to brands that want to inform the public. It’s about commitment. Ozi marketing team publishes content at the best time to interact with users.

Step 7:

Follow your efforts and always improve

How much did you do in your social media marketing strategy? Without constantly analyzing your efforts, you’ll never know how one campaign has done for another. If you have an overview of your activities in social networks, the situation is relativist.

You have your goals, your network preferences, and your key indicators: It’s time to make sure you make the right decisions. Knowing that you have made the right decisions is always a difficult task on social networks.
In fact, 46% of B2B marketers are not sure that their social strategy has actually generated revenue for their brand. But marketers are still trying to find the perfect connection. For this reason, the most commonly used measure (80%) for marketers is commitment.

As you work to build lasting relationships, you cannot fail much less with your social media marketing strategy. We will use tracking software to know where we are and how far we will succeed.